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Useful Garage Door Tips

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Useful Garage Door Tips

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Scroll down to read our tips for maximizing the use of your garage door and more - find out about the different parts that make up your system and how best to look after the various components.

Consider getting a wooden door

Wood is a great natural insulator and very beautiful as well. There's a distinguished look to a wooden garage door, and the added curb appeal it will lend your home will make you the envy of your neighborhood. While wood does require some extra maintenance, if you're willing to do the work it can be well worth it.

Safety and security may be your best reasons to get an upgrade

Garage door technology is constantly improving, as are the security features of newer doors. Your old garage door may be working just fine, but how confidant are you about its safety and security features? It may be time to consider what a new door can do that your old door can't. Call our company to find out which new options are available to you.

Don't throw out your manual

We often tend to think that once we master the art of opening and closing our garage door, we can throw out the manual. You shouldn't. It's better to keep your manual as long as you still have your door. When things go wrong, the manual can be used as a troubleshooting guide. Remember that you can always call our company for advice.

Don't wait too long to replace your garage door springs

The springs on your garage door work hard each time you use your door. Over the years they can wear and lose the tension they need to safely open and close your door. You should inspect and have them changed from time to time to avoid the horrible accidents that can occur from these high pressure springs snapping or coming loose. The best way to ensure your system is safe is through regular maintenance appointments with a professional.

Purchase a backup battery system

The backup battery system is a separate device that connects to your garage door opener. It's very useful during power outages and emergencies as it provides your system with emergency power and allows it to continue to operate for a few hours until the power comes back on.


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