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Fixing a Cable off the Drum

Garage Door Repair ServicesWhy has the cable fallen off the drum? The most common reason is a broken spring.

The huge amount of energy released when the component breaks can push the cable of the drum which it goes over. Rely on us to deal with the problem completely. We will replace the broken spring with a new one that's big enough to match your door’s weight.

With accurate adjustment, it will work perfectly. The next step involves taking the cable back to its normal position. If it has suffered any kind of damage, we will replace it to give you a complete peace of mind.

Panel Repair for Restoring the Door’s Condition

A wood door with signs of decay does not only look bad, but can be completely destroyed by the moisture inside if you don’t act quickly. We will remove the damage and fill and seal the holes. With several coats of paint, the door will look just like new. If a panel is almost completely destroyed, we will replace it with a matching one. You should not underestimate signs of rust if you have a steel door. Applying rust remover is just the first step of the solution. The panels will require proper protection, such as specially formulated exterior-grade paint. Our advice for you is to avoid using corrosive cleaners for your driveway as they can damage your garage door.

Solving Problems with the Motor

When the opener makes strange noise and doesn’t open the door, it means the motor unit’s main gear must be broken. It plays a crucial role as it transfers power from the motor to the drive of the opener system. Worry not, as we will install a new gear for you. You can rely on us to resolve issues with the power supply to the motor as well. Our garage door repair services cover all opener accessories, from the safety sensors to the remotes.

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