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Garage Door Springs

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They look like ordinary springs, behave like regular springs but are Garage Door Springs. They are much bigger in size and their tension more intense, since they have to lift doors weighing over four hundred pounds. The torsion spring is the main spring type and is installed over the door. It goes around a steel shaft and on one end it has a winding cone, which allows the spring to turn. At the other end, the spring has a stationary cone which keeps it stationary. The extension garage door springs are installed at the two horizontal tracks and extend and contract. As the coils of springs torque or contract, they utilize their stored energy to open the door.Garage Door Springs

Exceptional spring services by specialists

Garage Door Springs are critical for the movement of the door. If they don't work properly, the door will not open with ease. If they are broken, the door won't move from its closing position. This is why the specialists of Garage Door Repair Waxahachie move extremely fast when there are spring issues. We take care of problems to deliver urgent emergency care. The trucks are fully equipped so that we arrive fast in order to adjust and repair the springs. If the overhead door springs are not adjusted properly, the door remains imbalanced, and might sag. If springs retain too much tension, the overhead door might not close well on the floor.

We assure you that our prestigious company is top in garage door repair services andspecialize in all types of springs and those made by any manufacturer. Our expert staff can be of assistance when you need extension springs repair, valuable advice, or help in measuring the existing springs. As the best installers and leaders in garage door spring replacement, expect impeccable results. Send us an email asking any question about springs and our services!

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